Sunday in Santa Barbara

My book tour is taking a small digression onto college campuses this weekend.

UC Santa Barbara. Beautiful.

I could dive in that.

My son said, “You can visit but don’t show up at my dorm room with a full dive kit at 6am asking, ‘Ready to go SCUBA diving?’

That doesn’t even sound like something I would do. Six! AM!

Nine? Sure.

And there are the dorms.

I wonder if I should go back to school.

My publisher wants me to talk about the book.

Here’s a tiny excerpt:

“My boss sent me,” I explained, big smile, my own form of camouflage. Because pretty smiles lubricate access to the dismal. “I have no idea how he knows this stuff. ” I put a hand out to shake his. “Mona Breen, Vice Report.”

From Vice Report. Available on Amazon.

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