Two Ways to Read for Free


Are you a member of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited?

This is Amazon’s membership reading service. Love!

For $9.99 a month, you can check out up to ten Kindle books at a time and read to your heart’s content. Want an 11th book? Just return something you didn’t care for and go for it. That is the price of one book! If you chew through books, it’s a great deal.

I love it. It allows me to try new voices, read magazines, listen to audio books, or grab a non-fiction title and get up to speed on a subject quickly — while staying within my budget.

Not all books are available through this membership service but, because I’m a fan, Vice Report is.

So go ahead and read! The first month is free!

The other way to read for free? Enter my giveaway and score a free paperback copy of Vice Report.

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